The benefit of purchasing a synthetic wig or hair piece is that you’re much more likely to find the perfect colour match. As synthetic wigs are man made, it is easier to request a particular shade and colour match the hair to that of the wearers natural hair or complexion before completing the hair piece.

The benefits of predetermining the colour of the synthetic wig are numerous, but one of the main advantages is the time it takes from maintaining the piece – something that can be hard work. While human hair wigs may sometimes fade in colour, this is unlikely in a synthetic wig and the fibres also shouldn’t have any negative reactions to sunlight, unlike human hair.

The revolution in synthetic fibres have allowed for them to mimic human hair so similarly that it is extremely difficult to differentiate between the two materials, but the main difference is the price.

Synthetic wigs generally use kanekalon, a premium grade fibre which has all of the properties of human hair – it can be treated with heat styling tools such as hair straighteners and curling irons, and, with a perfect colour match, it will blend in with any existing hair perfectly – making it ideal for a partial hair piece as well as a full wig.

Synthetic fibres have also been favoured for partial hair pieces as they are much easier to apply and remove – which human hair is also easy to wear, synthetic materials are more durable and can tolerate more heavy handling – whereas human hair is much more fragile.

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