When guiding you on the journey to your hair piece, our aim is to ensure you partake in a regular life, with no compromise on the quality of your wig. It is for this reason that we have used only the highest quality materials to ensure that activities involving chemicals such as chlorine during swimming will not damage your hair piece.

As part of the hair piece experience, we offer a fully detailed maintenance plan to make sure you know how to look after and treat the wig, to prevent it from any kind of damage, which includes from chlorine. Swimming is a fun experience and there is no reason to sit on the side – even with a hair piece.

The materials used as a base (either ‘skin’ fibres or lace) are totally undetectable, and combined with any of our attachment methods you won’t be swimming ahead of your hair!

Chlorine can damage natural hair, so it isn’t surprising if you’re wary about your wig. While the most well known effect of chlorine is the ‘green’ effect it has on natural hair, we outline all of the correct products to be used before / after swimming, so your wig won’t wear out!

As long as each wearer looks after their hair piece in the ways set out in the maintenance plan, using wig-friendly products (such as those we suggest), you will have no damage and no problems!