The great thing about a wig with straight hair, is that for those asking “will it suit me?” the answer will always be YES! There is an easy way to alter a hair style using straight hair for all face shapes – so, if you are asking “will a wig using straight hair suit my face”, read on…

For a heart shaped face, the answer to “how can I get straight hair to suit me?” is all held in the fringe. A subtle side swept fringe teamed with a soft and bouncy bob will accentuate the cheek bones and draw more focus towards the eyes.

If you are worried about your longer face, thinking “I don’t think a wig using straight hair will suit my face” – while a hair style with boring, one length strands will drag the face down, a textured, layered hair style with shorter layers will add depth to the face and create an illusion of more width and youth.

If you have a square face and browse straight hair wigs thinking “will they suit me?” again, the answer is yes! As long as the hair is cut approximately to the chin and uses long, bouncing layers, the face will be given the illusion of life and depth.

When it comes to answering “will a wig using straight hair suit my face?” the answer lies within how straight the hair is, how long the layers are (if there are layers) and the shape of the face the wig is sitting on. So, for more answers to the question “will a wig using straight hair suit me?” contact us today on 020 7404 6040.

The Brandi Wig, available from our online wig store, is a great long wig style that will suit a varity of face shapes with its side fringe and voluminous layers. Also available from the online wig store is the Codi Wig – a popular short straight style.