To fringe or not to fringe? Well, when purchasing a wig, the big question is “will a wig with a fringe suit my face?” and the answer all depends on the face shape.

If you have a longer face and are questioning “will a fringe suit me?” the answer is yes. Having shorter hair at the front will add density to the face and create a more youthful, playful appearance.

A great benefit of having a long face, is that you’ll find yourself saying “a blunt hair style really will really suit me!” – a long face is the only shape that can pull off a more dramatic front section – so go for a square cut, teamed with shorter, bouncier layers.

Those with a round face will also see themselves reflecting, and saying “shorter hair at the front really does suit my face!” however, if you do have a rounder face, go for a side swept front section instead of a more square cut. Having some hair sweeping to the side of the forehead to compliment long and bouncy layers will create a much more delicate illusion and elongate the face.

If you are unsure of your face shape, or have a shape that is somewhat in between and are wondering “will a wig with a fringe suit me?” have a look at the shape of your cheeks. For those with more chiselled cheek bones, a wig which features hair at the front will soften the features and draw less attention to the nose but more to the eyes, and if you have a face with more filled out cheeks and are thinking that hair at the front won’t “suit your face” it is always best to try hair that is longer at the front but not so bluntly cut – for example a sweeping side fringe or a middle parting with shorter hair at either side to frame the jawline.

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Some popular wigs with fringes include the Bailey Wig, with a feathery fringe that covers the forhead, and the Claire Wig, with a side fringe in a short bob style. Both wigs are available in our online wig store.