If you find yourself questioning “will a short wig suit me?” – it really depends on the style. So, if you are asking “I wonder if short hair would suit my face…” – read on!

The first aspect of discovering a solution to the question “will a short wig suit me?” is to determine your face shape. Typically, short hair suits people with smaller faces, however don’t fret and think “there is no short hair style to suit my face!” – as there are!

A straight and blunt bob is perfect for those with rounder faces, as it adds edge and dimensions to the face and draws focus to the eyes, whereas those asking “I have a long face – will a short wig suit me?” – will find that layered bob styles are the way forward.

The benefits of a short wig are numerous. Not only will you be sure to find yourself saying “I didn’t realise short hair could suit my face so well!” – but they are much easier to maintain than longer wigs. Short hair will always be trendy, and are great for those who are always on the move.

When it comes to the short wig selection at Bloomsbury of London, quality is never compromised. Only the best hair pieces are produced and ensured a perfect fit to make you say “this suits me beautifully!”, thanks to the unique way we mould the base of all our hair systems on the wearers head to produce a membrane identically mimicking the shape of the hair line and the contours of the head.

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Some popular shorter wig styles include the Brooke Wig from the Noriko designer collection. This and a variety of other styles are available from our online wig store.