If you are wondering “will a long wig suit my face?” the answer lies in the shape of the face and the style of the hair. For example, within the aforementioned question is also the question “what hair colour suits me?” and also “what hair style would suit my face?” – all important factors to consider when purchasing your hair system.

A long wig looks great when it is a more subtle colour. You should have a rough idea of the answer to “what colour hair would suit me best?” in terms of blonde, brown or auburn, but for any more help, our experienced stylists are on hand at every step of your journey. If you are purchasing a long wig, we would generally advise that it is of a more neutral colour, as more extreme colours could become slightly more noticeable and give off a more synthetic appearance.

The next stage in answering the question “will a long wig suit my face?” is asking “which hair style would suit me for a long wig?”, and this all depends on face shape; for example, those with a long face would find themselves saying “layered hair will always suit my face”, and those with a rounder face will find that more blunt cuts will look best; so, have a look at your face shape in the mirror, and give us a call asking “will ‘this style’ suit me?” – we would be happy to help!

The benefit of a long wig, is not only will you find yourself saying “long hair really does suit my face”, but also it is possible to give the hair system a trim if you decide to update your style.

Additionally, if you find yourself saying “up do’s suit me beautifully” – you have many more options with a long wig as opposed to a hair system using shorter hair.

For more answers to the question “will a long wig suit my face?” call us directly today on 020 7404 6040.

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