If you find yourself asking “will a curl or wave in the wig suit my face?” – the answer simply lies in the shape of your face, as a wig with curls or waves can do different things for different face shapes – to learn more, read on…

If you have an oblong shaped face and are thinking, “will a hairstyle with a curl or wave suit me?” you may be pleased to know that a curly wig will minimise the vertical length of the face, as long as it is packed with bounce and body. Combined with a side-swept fringe, you will look like you’ve just stepped off the catwalk!

For those with a square face shape asking “will a hair style with a curl or wave suit my face?”, the answer is without a doubt – yes! Wigs that appear more naturally curly are the best for those with square face shapes, and if the hair piece has a layered look, the face will look longer.

If you have an oval face shape and are wondering “will a curly wig suit me?” – again, you’re in luck. A hair style that uses a curl or wave will show off the beautiful shape of the face, as long as there are no short fringes to disguise it.

A wig that uses a curl or a wave will do great things for those with a round face. Again, as long as the curls appear natural, and as long as there are longer fringe sections at the side, the face will be made to look softer and more feminine; however a more blunt fringe has a much harsher effect.

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