A basic wig is referred to as machine made, constructed from a series of synthetic hair wefts arranged into rows, or panels. A weft is a length of material onto which human or synthetic hairs are machine sewn. The finished style will be dependant upon the length of the hair stitched to each individual weft panel.
More sophisticated wigs have a monofilament and polyurethane top and frontal area into which individual hairs are hand knotted. Monofilament bases allow the clients underlying scalp to be seen due to the materials transparency. Hand tied top sections provide flexible parting and styling, in contrast to the fixed style restriction of a wefted wig. The inclusion of polyurethane provides greater comfort and serves as an attachment point for double sided medical grade adhesive tape. Adhesive tapes provide extra security for the wig wearer.

For custom made wigs a finer, lightweight membrane is created from a number of materials providing the optimum solution for the clients needs. Membranes are typically constructed from one or more of the following materials: lace, polyurethane, monofilament, silicone, polygauze.