If you are interested in purchasing a wig or hair piece, you will become familiar with the terms processed and unprocessed hair, as this determines the way in which your wig has been treated prior to production.

Human hair pieces and wigs are preferred as they are the best way to achieve a natural finish, however, the longevity of the hair piece depends on whether it uses processed or unprocessed hair. Processed wigs have been treated using colourants and acid baths to strip down the cuticles of the hair and basically remove all of the previous characteristics of the hair in order to achieve any desired style for the new wearer – in terms of colour and look.

Unprocessed hair pieces and wigs (also known as virgin hair systems) haven’t been subject to any treatment. This means that the hair available may be more limited in colour, but it is totally natural and has all of its cuticles in tact – which is why sometimes it is more expensive than processed hair.
It is highly advantageous to use unprocessed hair in hair pieces and wigs. For a start it looks much more natural than hair that has already been dyed and dramatically styled, and this carries over to the texture of the hair too, as you will find that your hair piece is much softer if it uses unprocessed hair.

While unprocessed hair does require closer maintenance, it is the closest option to natural hair that is available on the market today, so, for more information on why an unprocessed wig or hair piece is the best option for you, contact us today on 020 7404 6040.