Processed hair wigs is the term given to hair used in wigs and hair systems that have been subject to chemical alteration prior to use to make them appear a certain way. So, while this means that your hair will be precisely the way you want it, it does mean that you will be compromising on the overall quality of the hair, and, processed hair wigs do become dry and are much more easily tangled than unprocessed hair.

The way in which processed hair wigs are produced are by soaking the natural hair (whether it is human or synthetic) in an acid bath to strip the strands of their cuticles and natural characteristics. The result is ‘bare’ hair that can be coloured and straightened / curled to appear in any style.

Unprocessed, or virgin hair, is basically what it says on the tin – it refers to hair pieces or wigs that have been made without being subject to any chemical treatment, and while it is much more limited in colours and styles, the longevity of the pieces is vastly different; and, like natural human hair, the hair doesn’t become dry and is very difficult to tangle.

The reason behind why processed hair wigs are much easier to tangle, and become much more dry than unprocessed hair can only be explained by looking at the styling procedures. Soaking the hair in an acid bath is a very dramatic form of treatment, and it does take its toll on the base and strands. The hair becomes dry and is easy to tangle because the strands are much more brittle after being exposed to the procedures, and this is before the hair piece has left the shelf. Once the wearer is using the wig frequently it is then subject to further environmental damage like pollution fumes and heat – factors which are impossible to avoid.

The alternative to the hassle associated with the aforementioned pieces would be to invest in a wig using unprocessed hair, as this is totally natural, it is soft and easy to manage.

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