Recently there has been much more press coverage exposing the exploitation that goes on in the hair industry when it comes to where the hair used in wigs and hair pieces has been obtained. Ethically sourced hair does come few and far between, but the companies that do specialise in ethically sourced hair will be proud to make it known – and rightfully so.

While in some countries, women are forced to shave their head (as they are being told it is a spiritual rite of passage) to have the hair being shipped thousands of miles around the world and used in pricey wigs and hair pieces, Bloomsbury of London are happy to say that, thanks to our Hair Harvest procedure, we are able to use totally ethically sourced hair.

We understand that there are some hair types that are in higher demand, which is why we offer a monetary reward for all of our hair donations that contribute to our large range of ethically sourced wigs. The hair that we use via this process has been sold to us by willing donors, who are fully aware of where the hair is going and given 100% of the money for their kind gesture.

Human hair is preferred over synthetic fibres as it appears the most natural and can be maintained like normal hair. Synthetic fibres are also undetectable, but for those who would prefer to use human hair in their hair piece or wig, they don’t have to worry about whether or not it has been ethically sourced at Bloomsbury of London.

If you would like to sell your hair or learn more about our ethically sourced hair used in our wigs and hair pieces, contact us today on 020 7404 6040.