One of the later questions you will ask yourself in the journey to a wig is “which colour will suit my face?”

The most common question our wearers ask us is, “will a blonde wig suit me?” – and the answer lies in the unique complexion of the individual. Of course, blonde hair is gorgeous and always in fashion, however, those who are likely to experiment with colour more frequently may not feel the full advantages of a lighter colour. Those who are asking “will a blonde hair system suit my face?” will be told yes if they have a darker skin tone and who are committed to the colour, as blonder wigs tend to be weaker than other colours. Additionally, blonde wigs require more maintenance when it comes to sun protection too, as they do run the risk of fading if they are over exposed to the harmful rays of the sun.

Those asking “will a brown wig suit my face?” are much more likely to be told yes, as darker colours do tend to be more universal. Additionally, darker colours are much more easily sourced, in a wide range of tones. More often than not, you will always be left saying “I’ve found the perfect dark colour wig to suit me!”

The deeper the skin tone, the deeper you are able to go when it comes to the colour of the wig. More recently, fashion has embraced those with lighter eyes and darker hair as a more striking look, so, for those with hazel or blue eyes, you are sure to find “the perfect dark hair piece to suit my face!”

Gone are the days of darker colours only being suitable for the winter, thanks to Bloomsbury of London, we will give you an informed choice when you ask us “which colour wig will suit me?” – just give us a call on 020 7404 6040 today. Alternatively, for a wide range of wigs in a variety of colours, all available online, visit the online wig store.