When it comes to choosing a material for the cap of your hair piece, we would strongly advise monofilament. A monofilament wig uses material that is so thin and almost totally transparent that the result is 100% undetectable.

A monofilament wig is not only easy on the eye, but it is also easy on the skin – the thin monofilament is hypoallergenic, lightweight and ventilated to allow the wearer optimal comfort during use – after all, a hair piece should be fun – not hassle!

The hair pieces using monofilament at Bloomsbury Wigs have all used the single knotting attachment technique – this is when the hairs are tied by hand through the base one at a time, and knotted once – producing maximum movement and styling options for the wearer.

Single knotting hairs on to a monofilament base allow the wearer to part the hair piece in any place that they fancy, and the monofilament wig has the permanent illusion of the hairs growing directly form the scalp.

The monofilament wigs at Bloomsbury of London are revolutionised in their uses, and the transparency of monofilament allows for the underlying scalp to be exposed, creating the appearance of a blended colour, thus making the hair piece look and feel real.

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