When purchasing a hair piece or wig it is imperative to make a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of both processed and unprocessed hair, to see which kind of wig would be best for you.

Processed hair refers to hair that has been chemically treated during production to make it appear a certain way. Prior to being styled, processed hair is soaked in a highly acidic bath to strip it of its cuticles and basically emit all of the natural characteristics of the strands.

This has advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of treating hair in such a way means that once the cuticles have been removed the hair can be coloured and treated in any way to look however you want it to. Usually, processed hair is coated in silicon after treatments to replenish the appearance and boost the shine.

The disadvantages of processed hair are quite numerous. Not only has the hair already been under a sufficient amount of strain before it has even been made, but the life span of the wig is significantly impacted. Processed hair does become dry, brittle and straggly much earlier than alternative hair pieces because it has already been subject to such strong chemical exposure.

In comparison, unprocessed hair, as the title suggests, hasn’t been chemically treated, meaning the cuticles of the strands are totally intact. To draw a comparison to hair that has been dyed and styled already, the hairs in unprocessed wigs and hair pieces are natural, but they are also much stronger than hair that is already partially damaged.

This is the main advantage of unprocessed hair; however, there are many benefits. To make a comparison between the two, one advantage is that it can be styled using heat tools such as hair straighteners and curling irons with little damage (as long as they are used moderately and not excessively).

The main disadvantage of unprocessed hair is its price, however, it may be worth purchasing a more costly hair piece, as in the long run it saves you money due to its long life span and increased condition at purchase.

Another disadvantage of unprocessed hair is that it isn’t as readily available in comparison to processed hair pieces. It is much easier to find wigs in a certain hair colour if they have been previously dyed and styled as processed hair wigs are literally ‘made to order’, but it may be worth taking that extra time to find unprocessed hair in your colour for the later advantages of the wig.

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