There are so many different types of wigs and hair pieces, it isn’t unusual to get confused amongst all of the terminology. A silk top hair piece is one of the latest and most revolutionary types of wigs – but what is it?

A silk top hair piece uses silk for its base (as opposed to other materials such as lace or monofilament). The membrane used in a silk top wig actually combines a layer of very thin lace and silk on the top of the cap. Silk top hair pieces incorporate hairs which have been knotted individually below the silk and hidden between the layers of silk and lace, before which they are injected through the silk, allowing the knots to be totally invisible. Allowing for the knots to be hidden creates the illusion that all of the hair is actually growing from the scalp, not only making for the hair piece to appear completely natural, but also allowing for optimal styling options.

A silk top hair piece creates a unique ventilation between the scalp and the base, and as the flawless, hidden knots are unable to be seen they don’t require any kind of treatments to make them less noticeable (some hair pieces bleach their knots to blend the colouring in with the underlying scalp) – however with a silk top you don’t have to worry about this.

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