Lace front wigs using French material as the base have become one of the most popular type of hair piece available, due to its totally natural appearance. A lace front wig uses lace (whether it is French or sourced elsewhere) as its membrane from ear to ear going across the natural hairline. The objective of a lace front wig is to create a new hairline on to which the hair is attached.

The natural illusion of a lace front wig is achieved thanks to the way in which the hairs react with such fine lace. French lace wigs using hair which has been either individually knotted or injected through allow for the overall style to appear as though the hair is growing directly out of the head.

Another way in which lace front wigs appear more natural than alternative types of hair piece is due to the ability to part and style the hair at any point on the cap; the hair piece can be worn in a high ponytail and sleek up dos, thanks to their flexible points of attachment.
The way in which lace wigs are attached to the head makes them both comfortable and undetectable. Using transparent waterproof adhesives all the way around the hairline, the lace front wig is secured firmly on the head without the need to directly interact with any messy, hyper-allergenic glue.

At Bloomsbury of London, we believe that your investment into a hair piece or wig (no matter what type you chose) should be perfectly made to suit the individual, which is why we offer human and synthetic fibres, as well as a choice in how the hair is attached to the base – the material of which you have full control.

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