When it comes to which colour your should go for in your wig or hair piece, you really do have a chance to be daring and outrageous but still chic and stylish. Our experienced, qualified hair technicians and colourists will be able to assist you in your choice, but it is always best to go into appointments with a rough idea of where to start.

Blonde hair is timeless, and will always be popular. However, with such a bold colour does come its limitations, especially if you are investing in a blonde wig of a different shade to your natural colour – a blonde wig could run the risk of looking washed out, but, as long as the hair piece is maintained well and washed correctly, you are good to go!

While a darker colour is usually favoured for winter, they are beautiful all year round, and are much easier to attain in the world of hair pieces and wigs as darker tones need less treatment than lighter. Recently, fashion has held dark hair as a great match for paler green and blue eyes, however there is nothing greater than the classic combination of dark hair and endearing dark eyes.

If you still aren’t one hundred per cent sure on the colour for you, why not opt for our range of multi-toned hair wigs, which can have highlights, low-lights, dip-dyes, or any style you would like? Our designer wig selection really does spoil you for choice, and you’re sure to find the perfect colour!