While initially you may be shocked to notice that you are loosing hair from the eyebrows, you may find relief in knowing that it isn’t such an unusual occurrence. In fact, roughly four million people notice that they are losing hair from the eyebrows per year – and thanks to such a high statistic, solutions have been found.

The most popular solution for eyebrow hair loss by far are stencils and powder – the fact is, the majority of the female population will be using powder regardless of whether they are losing facial hair or not – filled in brows have become a fashion statement – so you aren’t alone!

Stencils are a preferred answer to losing hair in such a specific area as they are available in almost every shape and colour. They are extremely easy to use, and of course they don’t cause any discomfort or irritation.

An alternative solution to resolve losing hair from the eyebrows are special wigs. These adhesively attached hair pieces are extremely discreet, and are unable to be spotted. The adhesive facial wigs (which are specially produced for those who lose hair in this particular area) are worn by sticking glue to a strip on the back of the synthetic brows using a nail-varnish-like brush and literally attaching them to the preferred area.

A final solution to those who lose eyebrow hair frequently is to opt for the tattoo. While this may seem like a very extreme choice, if you lose the facial hair regularly it can be extremely frustrating as the eyes are the focal area of the face, so a tattoo may be your best bet. Revolutions in the development of specific tattoos have lead to their art being so aesthetically pleasing that again, like the previous two options, they are undetectable, as well as being permanent and also not irritating.

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