A volumiser hair system refers to the wig used to conceal partial hair loss and thinning hair, as opposed to total balding.

A volumiser hair system can integrate with the hair that is still present, creating the illusion of  thicker hair and extra body all over the scalp. As with all of our hair pieces and wigs, the volumiser hair system is totally unnoticeable and can be worn through any activities – even sports such as swimming and running. Additionally, this specific type of hair piece is easy to attach and easy to style, the base is lightweight and hypoallergenic; it is ventilated for comfort and practicality and always secure and reliable.

As with the entire range of our bespoke wigs, the volumiser hair system is made to measure for each individual client; with full control of the colour, style, length and fit, and only uses ethically sourced human hair or premium grade synthetic fibres (the choice between human or synthetic hair lies within the wearer, who will be fully informed on the pros and cons of both types).

The volumiser hair system was developed to solve the types of hair loss which otherwise would have been harder to solve, covering areas that are harder to reach and supplying wearers with a permanent option.

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