A wig stand is the storage unit for your hair system – it is easy to use and compact, and if you’re asking – “how do I use a wig stand?” – read on!

Making use of a wig stand in the correct way can improve the overall condition of your hair piece and prolong its life. The wig stand should be used whenever the hair piece is not being worn, as well as after washing. A collapsible wig stand is the best idea for those who do tend to wear their hair piece everyday.

The main time to make use of a wig stand is after washing. The wig stand should be set up accordingly and should hold the hair piece while it is drying off – the wearer should also keep the wig on the wig stand to restyle it – if the hair piece can be treated with heat styling tools it is best to do so while drying off on the wig stand, and if it retains its original style it will do so best while on the stand.

Another great use of a wig stand is to freshen up the hair piece – this can be by retouching the odd split or broken end, while the salon is revitalising the colour, or just airing the hair piece out after excessive use.

A wig stand will prevent the hair piece from tangling or knotting too, which, as mentioned previously, will increase the lifespan of the piece.

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