The quality of premium grade synthetic hair has greatly improved in recent years. Industry led hair fibre research has produced better synthetics that closely mimic human hair.

One tone fibre colours have been superseded by natural hair colours including multi-tones, highlights, lowlights and root-growth effect.
Synthetic wig ranges are generally more extensive in colours and styles than human hair wig equivalents.

Inexpensive man made synthetics are consistent fibres to work with making large scale production more time and cost effective, compared to human hair wigs.

Synthetic fibre wigs, unlike human hair, has an unchangeable structure. Some synthetic wig users find this low maintenance a positive feature since following washing, the fibre will take the identical form to that prior to washing. In contrast to synthetic wigs, human hair wigs require restyling following each wash since the hair returns to its natural form.

Man made fibres are not compatible with heat, so hairdressing procedures such as straightening, curling and blow drying are forbidden. Hair product usage is restricted to a small selection of hair fibre products.

It should be noted that for top grade synthetic fibre wigs, the cost will rise with the length of the hair. The premium paid for extra length is however minimal to that which one would be expected to pay for unprocessed Caucasian hair.
Although human hair wigs are considered superior to synthetic options, the very best synthetic wigs, such as kanekalon, will closely mimic human hair providing a good value alternative, at half the price, to processed asian human hair wigs.