At Bloomsbury of London we pride ourselves on offering the best hair replacement systems that the industry offers. Our commitment to research and development, along with an unrivalled high level of attention to detail, ensures our position as industry leaders in non surgical hair replacement.

Bloomsbury of London has access to all the most innovative and technologically advanced hair replacement systems available. This includes all the latest polyurethane (liquid skin), lace and mesh (super fine monofilament) systems supported by the most revolutionary human and synthetic hair fiber options available.

Transparent polyurethane membranes or liquid skin, at 1/4mm, provides a fully natural appearance, providing visibility of the patients underlying scalp skin. The finest lace will often form the front hair line in the most sophisticated hair replacement systems softening the front hair line and giving the appearance of hair growing from the skin when brushed away from the temples and forehead.

There is no substitute for virgin human hair and at the LHC we use only the finest cuticle human hair.