A chemotherapy wig is an efficient solution to hair loss as a result of specific treatments, and the aim behind our extensive range of chemotherapy wigs and hair systems is to allow wearers an undetectable, lightweight and comfortable head of hair, with no stress. It is for this reason that it is easy to look after our hair pieces from home.

Gone are the days of being required to travel miles and miles to the salon to maintain your hair piece. Actually, wearers are able to pick up their hair system and look after it at home, thanks to our informative maintenance guide.

The maintenance guide covers how to look after your chemotherapy wig or hair piece in many ways, to mention a few it teaches how to properly wash the hair system. The guide states that the hair system should always be rinsed with lukewarm water (as opposed to hot), and specialised hair piece products should be used in order to look after the hair system in the best way possible.

Another way that wearers may not consider to look after their hair system is by minimising the time that it is exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. The sun can be detrimental to the wig as it can cause oxidisation – it can cause the hair piece to turn a red-orange shade. To reduce such problems in our chemotherapy or other hair systems, it is advised to cover the piece with a head scarf or hat or to keep it out of the sun where possible.

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