At Bloomsbury of London our human hair is highly regarded as the finest unprocessed cuticle hair available within the industry. Unprocessed hair, as the name suggests, is not subject to any chemical processing or adjustment to alter the hairs natural colour, texture or structure. This is the most prized hair available.

For those demanding the very best hair available in the world- why not select from our extensive collection of unprocessed european ponytails. Our extension service enables the ponytails to be blended to achieve perfect results everytime. Our unprocessed hair, is guaranteed to retain its lustre and appearance, unlike conventional processed hair.

At Bloomsbury of London we also use the most revolutionary light weight fibre options available, providing the performance of human hair. The quality of premium grade synthetic hair has greatly improved in recent years. Industry led hair fibre research has produced synthetics that are virtually undetectable from the real thing.

One tone fibre colours have been replaced by natural hair colours including multi-tones, highlights, lowlights and root-growth effect.