The journey towards the production of your hair piece or wig takes longer when ensuring that the finishing item is absolutely perfect, however the aftercare and maintenance needs to be of a certain standard to ensure that your wig stays stunning. The easiest way to look after your hair piece is to wash it regularly, but how often is enough to keep your piece pristine?

There is no exact amount in how often to wash your hair piece, but there are some guidelines. Obviously the wearer wants their wig to look and smell fresh and clean upon every wear, however, those who wash their hair piece too frequently can notice that they are doing more harm than good.

The recommended rule for human hair wigs is to wash it every 10 to 12 wearings, however, for synthetic hair this can be reduced to washing every 15 to 20 wearings.

There are times when it is required to wash the hair more often, for example, those who are very active may find that they need to wash their hair more often as they potentially perspire more. Additionally, just how often to wash a hair piece can be increased based on environmental factors too; this includes a more humid climate, environments which have more exhaust fumes, cooking greases or cigarette smoke will also contribute to needing to wash the hair piece more often.

The benchmark for just how regularly a wig can be washed should be stopped at every six wearings – this is the maximum as any more could cause the wig to loose its shape, style and colour.

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