When you embark on the journey to a wig, hair piece or hair system, you will learn a whole new vocabulary. One of the choices you will make is whether to use synthetic or human hair, and you will also find out about European and Asian hair – but how has Asian hair been treated in the process of producing your hair system?

Compared to hair from European countries, Asian hair is much easier to source, which is sometimes why it can be substantially cheaper than the former. However, Asian hair must be significantly treated to alter its properties and make it appropriate for people of other ethnicities to wear in their hair piece – so how is this done?

The initial step in how Asian hair is treated to produce a hair system or hair piece is by stripping down its cuticles to get rid of the dark black pigments. The hair is usually soaked in an acid bath to do this, and sometimes it must be left for a few days to get rid of all of the colour. The colour is then re-treated by being dyed to the colour that the wearer desires. This means that the cuticles have been removed, which makes the hair easier to be treated both in terms of colour and knotting.

Usually, the hair used in hair pieces and hair systems is then artificially replenished by being coated in silicon, which gives the illusion of shine and health. Coating the hair in silicon does ensure that the hair system maintains its shine, however, the hair is still yet to be totally treated.

The final step of how Asian hair is treated to create a hair piece comes down to the colour – the hair is dyed to match the natural complexion of the wearer – however, you are able to have full control over the colouring!

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