Synthetic wigs may not be made using human hair, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t appear totally natural, and that doesn’t limit the styling opportunities you would have with them.

The benefit of a synthetic wig over a human hair wig really does lie within the styling, as it is much easier to maintain and style – requiring a minimal amount of care – just basic washing and being hung to dry, synthetic hair wigs return to their original style pretty much on their own.

The most you will have to do to refresh the style and appearance of your synthetic hair wig is give it a light shake and ruffle using a wide tooth comb or even the fingers. It is important not to use any heat styling tools on the hair piece as this could damage the strands of hair and their attachments to the base, so be careful when amending the look of the wig.

The alternative to using a hair dryer to style your hair piece is letting it dry naturally – ideally on a wig base or mannequin head as this retains the shape of the membrane of the hair piece. When the hair is wet do not use a brush or a comb in attempts of styling it as this can also weaken the attachments and knots; additionally if the synthetic wig is curly anyway it is advisable not to use a hair brush as this could cause frizz and damage to the strands of the synthetic hair.