Human hair wig, like natural human hair, will experience colour fading if they are treated with particular hair colourants; and, like protecting natural hair, human hair wigs need to be maintained in a certain way to prevent losing colour and potentially appearing dull and lifeless.

It is handy to know that the reddish tones in brown colours such as auburn and mousy brown are more prone to cause human hair wigs losing colour – so it is beneficial to take extra care if your hair is of such a tone.

When washing your human hair wig, the best way to stop the colour fading is by using cool to lukewarm water as opposed to hot, and use a special wig shampoo that isn’t too acidic (a pH factor of 5 is the best). It is possible to purchase specifically designed colour-treated wig shampoos and conditioners.

While heat styling tools are compatible with human hair wigs, excessive use is not recommended as heat can damage dyed or highlighted hair and again, cause colour fading and losing colour.

An intense volumiser is also great to stop losing colour, as it restores the natural oils of the hair. Additionally, conditioning the human hair wig when washing is also a great way to prevent colour fading, and it is recommended that this process takes place at least once a week.

Like natural hair, it would be beneficial to shield the wig from excessive sunlight; this can be done by covering the head with a hat, cap or scarf while in direct sunlight (e.g. while taking part in outdoor activities or on holiday).