Part of looking after your wig or hair piece does mean sometimes needing to repair it. However, while you may sometimes think that your wig is beyond repair it can always be fixed, sometimes without professional input – yes, you can rectify any damage to your hair piece!

To start the repair procedure, it is always advisable to wash the wig first. Just how to do so depends on the type of hair piece, i.e. if the hair has been attached with individual knots it is safe to be submerged in water, but if the hair has been attached using any kind of glue you should support the crown and brush water through it. Condition it as necessary using specialised wig conditioners, and avoid using serums at this point.

One of the most common ways in which a wig or hair system would need to be repaired is by sewing, as sometimes the knots or attachments weaken and come slightly apart. This is quite simple to do, and just requires sewing in any visible loose ends; however, ensure that you use a thread matching in tone to the wig base and hair colour. If you are re-attaching loose ends, you should sew diagonally.

For hair pieces that have used glue as attachments, use a hair dryer. This is done by heating up the glue and removing any loose attachments, before using specialised hair glue to reconnect the bonds. Use the glue sparingly and press the strands in to place for about 5 seconds – then, when you have finished the repair procedure, leave the hair piece to stand for at least 24 hours before further styling.

Not only do we provide an informative maintenance guide for all of our hair pieces and wigs, however we are also happy to help you at any step in your journey – whether you have already started or have been wearing your wig for years. For any information regarding wigs, hair pieces or hair loss, contact us today on 020 7404 6040.