Eyebrow tattoos have become one of the most popular facial treatments in the last few years, with perfect brows becoming a fashion statement as they can affect the overall look of the face, encouraging confidence and an increase in self esteem.

A professional eyebrow tattoo procedure will follow a consultation, which is when the face shape, colouring and complexion details are observed and noted. The consultation should also include a preview of how the new eyebrows should look, to make sure that the shape and colour are perfect for you.

Sometimes, a local anaesthetic or numbing agents are used to take all feeling away from the forehead and make the customer comfortable during the process. Eyebrow tattoos are then ‘infused’ on to the skin – an electronic hand piece traces over the original template to allow the colouring pigments to absorb into the skin and create the ideal result.

The tattoo appointment usually takes between one and a half and two hours, and is pretty painless. The resultant eyebrow is created using ‘hair-stroke’ techniques creating aesthetically natural results that either blend in seamlessly with the existing brow or are totally undetectable.