The way in which to make sure you don’t experience shedding hair from your new wig all comes down to the way it is cared for. While, understandably the first washing of the hair piece or wig can be daunting, it is easy, so making sure it is washed in the right way is vital in prolonging its life and preventing any shedding hair.

Before washing the piece, carefully brush it from root to tip (as you would every day). Then, add some specialised shampoo to a bowl of lukewarm water and immerse the hair inside it, leaving it to soak for five minutes – this allows any unwanted dirt or residue to separate from the hair piece.

Take the wig out of the bowl and rinse it in under cool running water from root to tip, before adding a small amount of shampoo directly to the hair – but you don’t need to rub or massage it in, as this could result in shedding hair. As you did before, rinse the water and shampoo out.

Repeat the above process using specialised wig conditioner, which you are able to leave in for up to ten minutes to ensure the hair is soft when dry. Rinse the conditioner out and gently pat the hair using a fresh towel, but be very gentle, as any rough handling could result in shedding hair.

To dry your wig, leave it on a stand – by combing the hair with a regular comb you do run the risk of shedding hair, as this places strain on the strands, so, using a wide toothed wig comb, gently de-tangle the hair piece from root to tip, and once it has dried you can style it – if yours is a synthetic wig you are likely to be limited on resources to use on the hair (make sure you check beforehand) – but human hair pieces can be treated with hair dryers and other heat styling tools.

To reduce the risk of shedding hair it is advisable to wash your hair piece regularly – it is advised to be washed once every week. For any more information on how to prevent shedding hair or how to care for your hair piece, call us today on 020 7404 6040.