There is no specific length of time that a wig or hair piece should last for, however, our top quality human hair and synthetic fibre pieces at Bloomsbury of London should see you through for years. Obviously this depends on how they are looked after and maintained, and there are some cheats to encourage your hair to last longer.

The initial factor in determining how long your wig will last is how often it is worn, and during which activities. Our hair pieces can be worn permanently, and will be fine in the water as well as on land. The average duration of a wig is about 3 months before it needs to be professionally maintained, however, there are some things you can do to make your wig last longer before it needs some extra help.

One of the ways to make your hair piece last longer is in the washing of it. We would recommend that you should wash the hair piece no more than once a week, and when you are washing it to do so with extreme care. Try not to be too rough on the hair as this could run the risk of damaging the attachments between the strands and the membrane, and when you have finished washing it, leave it to dry on a special stand with a touch of leave in conditioner.

Another way to make your wig last longer is by limiting the amount of time you wear it in up-dos, as excessive strain on the strands (as with natural human hair) could result in damaged strands or premature breakage and split ends.