A clip-in hair weft is a type of hair piece that is mostly used for partial hair loss – what the main purpose of it is, is to blend in with any existing hair.

How a clip-in hair weft works is simple – the hair piece looks like a strip of material on to which the hair (human or synthetic) is attached – usually by single knotting or sewing. What then happens after the hair is attached to the clip-in hair weft is that it is inserted in to the existing hair at a point where there are areas of thinning or loss to replace the bare areas with the appearance of natural growing hair.

How easily the clip-in hair weft is inserted and removes makes them greatly preferred over other types of temporary hair pieces, and what is even more attractive is their low price tag. What wearers often find is that their clip-in hair weft is great as a fast solution to harder to solve hair loss – as they want a non-intrusive but effective way to resolve areas that would have otherwise been much more difficult to disguise.

How to look after your clip-in hair weft is simple too – it doesn’t really need to be washed and just needs to be brushed or combed through (like you would with normal hair) to reduce matting and knotting. What another advantage is of such little maintenance is how long the clip-in hair weft lasts – it is durable but natural to look at allowing for it to be strong and effective as well as totally undetectable.

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