One of the most common reasons behind purchasing a wig is due to hair loss after chemotherapy. If you are undergoing chemotherapy and are interested in investing in a wig, one of the questions you may have is when will your hair regrow, and how long will you need your wig for?

While everyone is different, it is unusual to see hair regrow until after at least a month of chemotherapy. The rate of the hair regrowth is slow, but at about two months after chemotherapy you should see roughly an inch of hair.

The benefit of purchasing a wig due to chemotherapy is that it can cover the areas that the hair regrows back in to avoid any patchy, so-so appearances. The hair that falls the fastest is also the fastest to grow back, meaning that you should notice the hair regrow on the scalp faster than anywhere else on the body.

Obviously each person differs, so chemotherapy may affect your hair differently, and you may notice hair regrowth in a slightly different pattern. Just how long it takes for the hair to regrow is an approximate estimation at the best of times, so the rough guide for timing is about six weeks after therapy has finished.

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