If you are investing in a wig to conceal hair loss which has occurred as a result of chemotherapy, you probably want to know how long you will need to use the wig for, and when your hair will grow back.

Hair loss as a result of chemotherapy can start pretty early on in treatment – you may need your wig from a week after chemotherapy starts, however, everyone is different.

Again, while the exact timing for how long you will need to use the wig for differs between people, everyones hair grows back at different speeds.

The typical time for hair to grow back noticeably is about two months after chemotherapy. This gives an approximate time frame for how long you will need to use the wig for, because, although the hair is slowly starting to reappear, you may prefer to keep wearing your wig to avoid looking ‘patchy’ and noticeable.

The hair that grows back could have slightly different properties to how it was before you wore a wig, and before you had any severe hair loss. However, as there is no rule on how long you can use the wig, it is advisable to wear the wig for as long as necessary until you feel confident enough to go without it.

The wig has a long life span provided it is looked after well, which is easy to do from home.

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