Bloomsbury of London offer a unique service for chemotherapy patients, in that when hair falls out, those undergoing such treatment are able to make a wig using their own hair. However, timing when hair falls out is important as most people going through chemotherapy would want their wig to be made in time – so when do you expect to notice hair loss?

While chemotherapy is a long process, most of the time it is pretty early when hair falls out. Usually, hair will start to fall one to three weeks after treatment begins, however, everyone is different, and when hair falls out it could be in clumps or it could be a few strands.

Most people notice the side effects when hair falls out in the hair brush or in the drain of the shower, and it isn’t unusual for the scalp to be more sensitive either.

Unfortunately, when hair falls out as a result of chemotherapy it usually continues throughout treatment and for a few weeks afterwards. It is for this reason that chemotherapy wigs are so important to Bloomsbury of London.

Whether your own hair is used in the wig or not, out objective is to produce a natural looking wig, that is lightweight, ventilated and most of all comfortable. All of the materials used as bases for our extensive wig range are hypoallergenic and cause no scalp irritation, so not only does the wig look beautiful, it feels good too.

For any more information on our wigs or chemotherapy treatment, contact us today on 020 7404 6040.