Scarring alopecia is characterised by small patches of hair loss, that gradually expand over time revealing sore marks of inflammation and scars. While usually, a hair piece or a wig is used to disguise regular hair loss, sometimes scarring alopecia can be further aggravated when met with certain materials – so can a wig or hair piece solve your scarring alopecia?

If you would like a wig or a hair piece (a wig is used to conceal all of the head, whereas a hair piece is used for more partial hair loss) to cover up your scarring alopecia, it is advisable to go for one which uses lightweight and breathable fibres, so as not to cause further skin irritations. The extra fine polyurethane used in our human hair and synthetic fibre wig and hair piece range has a thickness of a quarter of a millimetre, it is hypoallergenic, and totally undetectable. Polyurethane has been favoured as a membrane for a hair piece or wig as its transparency allows for the wearers underlying scalp to be exposed if desired, to create the illusion of the hair growing out of follicles on the epidermis.

Other ways to conceal scarring alopecia include using a partial hair piece, so that only the affected areas are covered. Our highly experienced styling technicians will be able to show you how to perfectly blend the piece in with your existing hair, to maintain the natural look.

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