Making a wig using your own hair is favoured by those suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, but it can be done by anyone who is choosing to invest in a wig or hair piece for any reason. The procedure to gather the right amount of hair before making a wig using it is simple and fast.

Like those who are donating their hair via the Hair Harvest programme, using your own hair for making a wig begins with cutting off the appropriate amount. The hair is sectioned into several small ponytails before being cut just above the hair band – this is to ensure a straight cut and the most hair is obtained, and the best condition is achieved.

The next step to making a wig using your own hair can sometimes include amalgamating extra hair from alternative sources to thicken the hair piece, as sometimes one head of hair is not enough. If this could potentially apply to you you will be informed and have full control over the final decision.

To make a wig using your own hair, the hairs are likely to be injected into their membrane – the membrane could be made from lace, polyurethane or monofilament, all totally undetectable and boasting their own individual advantages – again, of which you have full control over after being informed on all three.

The result is a beautiful, natural head of hair with full movement and styling opportunities. Making a wig using your own hair reaps advantages in so many ways, as it allows for a completely unnoticeable finish and the opportunity to style the hair using heat styling tools, which is not possible for synthetic fibres.

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