Most of the time, hair loss is a result of an underlying issues such as alopecia, however there are circumstances where the hair just falls out naturally. It is commonly advised that cutting the hair can prevent hair loss, but how true is this?

The truth is, cutting the hair short doesn’t actively prevent hair loss. It does make the hair look thicker overall, because the nearer the strands of hair are to the roots, the thicker they are. So if you want your hair to appear thicker and fuller, you are best to get a shorter cut.

There are environmental factors which relate to the specific hair cut and likelihood of hair loss, for example, when the hair has been cut short it is less likely to get tangled and caught in things like zips or scarves, which significantly reduces the everyday strains that would otherwise go unnoticed – this means that the hair will grow in better condition if it has been previously cut very short too.

Everyones hair has been biologically ‘programmed’ to grow in a certain way, so no matter how it is cut, the growth rate and texture has been previously determined and this is the path it will follow.

It is advisable to get the hair cut every six weeks to keep it in its best condition, as this way the ends have a chance to recuperate and replenish themselves and the hair looks fresh.For more information and solutions to any hair loss condition, contact us today on 020 7404 6040.