The difference between a bespoke wig or a custom made wig and a ready made wig is that a custom made wig is one that is produced to cater to each individual need, whereas a readymade wig is off the shelf – but which is best?

Without a doubt it is best to have a bespoke wig, or custom made wig. This is for a number of reasons. The first reason of why a unique, made to measure hair piece is best is because it will be a perfect fit – the bespoke wigs from Bloomsbury of London are produced using a mould of the wearers head, allowing for the hair piece to follow the shape of the wearers hair line precisely, and mirror the contours of the scalp.

Another reason as to why a custom made wig is best is because the wearer has full control over the finishing appearance. You are able to chose between the materials used as the base of your bespoke wig, the way in which the hairs are attached to the base of the custom made wig, the materials used in the bespoke wig (i.e. human hair or synthetic fibres) and the style and appearance of the finishing piece.

The best thing about a custom made wig is that it can cater to each individual form of hair loss – whether you are experiencing slight thinning or bald patches or complete hair loss, a bespoke wig will be made to conceal the areas you are concerned about but still accentuate any existing hair – with a perfect blend.

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