Bloomsbury of London pride themselves on their perfectly fitting, individually made wigs and hair pieces – but how are accurate measurements made to create a mould of the wig to ensure that it is exact? Well, we use professional methods to create a plastic mould which acts as the base of the finishing hair piece.

The plastic mould begins with an expert wig technician using a hypoallergenic make up pencil to mark out the hair line. This is a simple, quick and pain free procedure, and the liquid plastic is then placed over the head and set on the shape of the drawn out points. The plastic mould is then produced as the liquid plastic sets in to shape to mimic the shape of the wearers head perfectly.

The mould not only mirrors the contours of the scalp and the shape of the hair line, but it is perfectly shaped at the nape of the neck, allowing for the wig to fit in place.

When the mould is complete, the hair is attached using one of two methods – either individual knotting or hair insertion – both producing undetectable results allowing for the wearer to have optimal styling opportunities.

For any more information on how the mould is used to take an accurate measure of the scalp when making a wig or hair piece, call us today on 020 7404 6040.