Bloomsbury Wigs pride themselves on their ethically sourced, unprocessed european hair that is used to make our bespoke wigs and hair pieces. With our unique hair harvest procedure, we are able to oversee that all of the gathering of the unprocessed european hair is indeed ethically sourced – we run a distinguished programme whereby willing donors are able to cut off their ponytails in exchange for a full monetary reward, as their hair goes towards producing a top quality wig or hair piece.

Not only does ethically sourcing our european hair in this way mean that our clients are able to trace their wig and hair piece back to its original owner, but it also allows for us to have full information on the nature and origin of the european hair. We are able to see the hairs natural characteristics and make a much more informed decision on precisely which of our clients are best suited to each european hair wig.

The Bloomsbury Wigs non-surgical hair replacement procedure allows for clients to be fully detailed on just which type of hair is best for their finishing hair piece. So, when it comes to our unprocessed european hair, we are able to precisely colour match each client to each hair system. By using unprocessed hair we can guarantee top quality in our product, because the hair is virgin and unprocessed, meaning it hasn't been subject to harsh chemical treatments – wigs and hair pieces which have been previously coloured or chemically straightened / curled tend to have a much shorter lifespan and a much duller, brittle appearance.

Unprocessed european hair can then be treated with heated tools such as hair straighteners and curling irons whenever the wearer desires, and it has much more lifelike qualities as opposed to previously treated and synthetic fibres.

To conclude, if you are interested in purchasing a european wig or hair system, Bloomsbury Wigs are able to guarantee that our pieces are 100% ethically sourced and untreated – for your peace of mind and your ease of use!




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