Bloomsbury Wigs prides itself on providing the best possible service to our clients. Part of that service is to answer any and all the questions people have about hair loss and non-surgical hair replacement. Click on the links below to find out the answers to these questions we have heard people asking.

Can Cutting My Hair Short Stop Hair Loss?

Can I Look After My Chemotherapy Wig the Same Way as a Regular Hair Piece?

Can I Make a Wig Out of My Own Hair?

Can I Wear a Wig for Scarring Alopecia (Cicatrical Alopecia)?

Can Pregnancy Cause Hair Loss?

Do I Need a Wig Stand and How Do I Use a Wig Stand?

Does Chemotherapy Always Cause Hair Loss?

How Can I Make My Wig Last Longer?

How Can I Prevent My Wig from Losing Hair?

How Can I Style My Synthetic Hair Wig?

How Can I Tell if My Hair is Thinning, and Whether or Not I Have Female Hair Thinning?

How Do Eyebrow Tattoos Work?

How Do I Repair My Wig or Hair Piece?

How Do I Stop a Human Hair Wig Losing its Colour?

How Do I Wear a Wig if I Already Have Some Hair?

How Do Wig Makers Take Accurate Measurements When Making a Wig or Hair Piece?

How Do You Draw on Eyebrows?

How Do You Style a Synthetic Wig?

How Do You Take Measurements for a Wig?

How is Asian Hair Treated in the Process of Making a Hair Piece or Wig?

How Often Should I Wash My Wig or Hair Piece?

I Will Be Going Through Chemotherapy, and Will Need a Wig. How Long Before My Hair Starts To

Grow Back, and How Long Will it Take?

Is it Easier to Maintain a Synthetic Wig or a Human Hair Wig?

Is it Possible to Sell My Hair?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Extensions?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a French Lace Wig?

What are the Differences Between Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Hair Wigs?

What Can I Do About Loosing my Eyebrows?

What Colour Wig Should I Get?

What is a Clip-In Hair Piece and How Do They Work?

What is a Clip-In Hair Weft and How Do They Work?

What is a French Lace Front Wig and Why Does it Look More Natural?

What is a Pull-Through Hair System?

What is a Silk Top Hair Piece?

What is a Volumiser Hair System?

What is Better for a Wig, Processed or Unprocessed Hair?

What is Monofilament?

What is Remy Hair and Should I Use it?

What Style of Wig Will Suit My Face?

What Wig Colour Will Suit My Face?

When Going Through Chemotherapy, When Should I Expect My Hair to Start to Fall Out, and How

Long Will it be Before I Need a Chemotherapy Wig?

Where Can I Find the Best Wig Makers?

Where Can I Buy a Wig of Ethically Sourced Hair?

While Going Through Chemotherapy, How Long Will I Need a Wig?

Why Do Processed Hair Wigs Become Dry And Tangled, Unlike Unprocessed Hair Wigs?

Why Does the Hair on an Unprocessed Hair Wig Last Much Longer Than Hair on a Processed Hair


Why is it Best to Buy a Bespoke, or Custom-Made Wig, Instead of a Pre-Made Wig?

Why is it Best to Buy a Wig or Hair Piece with Unprocessed Hair?

Why is it Better to Use Unprocessed Hair for Blonde Wigs, rather than Processed Hair?

Will a Curly Wig or Wavy Wig Suit Me?

Will a Long Wig Suit Me?

Will a Short Wig Suit Me?

Will a Wig with a Fringe Suit Me?

Will a Wig with Straight Hair Suit Me?

Will Swimming in Chlorine Damage My Hair Piece or Wig?

Will Sunlight Damage My Hair Piece or Wig?

Will Synthetic Wigs Make a Perfect Colour Match Compared to My Own Hair?

Will Using Silicon Treatment on My Wig Impove it's Condition?

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