Deciding on the best wig for you can be a hard task, so here at Bloomsbury Wigs we have produced some materials on choosing wigs - the colour, the style, and, of course, the material and make. While we work to provide high quality, custom-made bespoke wigs and hair pieces we understand, that sometimes a bespoke hair piece is not the most suitable hair loss solution for everyone, so we supply high-quality pre-made wigs as well - the details of these pre-made wigs are available here, to help you make an informed choice as to whether you want a pre-made wig or a bespoke wig. You can purchase pre-made synthetic wigs and human hair wigs, as well as some wig maintenance products from our online wig store. (Just click on the words "online wig store" to be guided there). Bloomsbury wigs works hard to ensure we have the fairest prices on the market.

Choosing Wigs

These are all our general articles on pre-made wigs.

Blonde Wigs

Brown Wigs

Children's Hair Loss

Children's Wigs

European Clip-In Hair Pieces

Red Wigs

Teenage Wigs (Wigs for Teenagers)

Top Ten Wig Styles


Synthetic Wigs

These are all our articles on the specific synthetic wigs available from our online wig store.

Amore Alyssa Wig

Amore Brandi Wig

Amore Brittany Wig

Amore Cassidy Wig

Amore Charli Wig

Amore Codi Wig

Amore Dixie Wig

Amore Dylan Wig

Amore Erica Wig

Amore Erin Wig

Amore Kelly Wig

Amore Logan Wig

Amore Marie Wig

Amore Miley Wig

Amore Miranda Wig

Amore Olivia Wig

Amore Parker Wig

Amore Rosie Wig

Amore Ruby Wig

Amore Samantha Wig

Amore Stevie Wig

Amore Summer Wig

Amore Tatum Wig

Amore Veronica Wig

Amore Wendy Wig

Amore Whitney Wig


Human Hair Wigs

Gem Amber Wig

Gem Crystal Wig

Gem Diamond Wig

Gem Emerald Wig

Gem Jet Wig

Gem Ruby Wig

These are all our articles on specific pre-made human hair wigs available from our online wig store.

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Choosing Wigs